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Meet the Team

We believe that people is our most valuable asset. The team consists of highly qualified professionals with proven market experience in building businesses, investment research, wealth and risk management. Broad skill set and empirical experience of the BAO team ensure our clients credibility and reliability.

Nayan Agarwal has decades of experience in Investment Banking and Fund Management in the Financial Services field, with a focus on the Global Management of Wealth. Setting off his career in 1994 as a financial analyst in Investment Management, Nayan has since then worked with big multinationals such as IBM, Nestle, ANN Amro, and more. Ever since, he has built and managed many investment funds for listed and private securities across Asia and Europe, with over $250m under AuM. 


Nayan Agarwal
Managing Director

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Simran Agarwal is a driven and skilled individual with vested interest in world markets and global affairs. She has a background in multiple global companies, enabling her to develop her professional and personal skills. Additionally, her experience in Corporate Administration, HR Audit, Compliance, and Research and Performance contribute to her responsibilities within the Company, ensuring AML is understood by and complied with our team.

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Simran Agarwal
AML Officer 

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Emiliya Savva’s experience in Corporate and Fund Administration at some of the leading service providers in Cyprus provided her with strong organisational and decision-making skills and corporate understanding. Also, in combination with her intricate knowledge of Risk Management, Emiliya is responsible for conducting and analysing risk assessments and reports, developing risk management controls and systems for monitoring, and managing, evaluating, and approving BAO’s strategic objective and strategies for governance and risk prevention.

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Emiliya Savva
Co-Executive Director & Risk Manager

Savina Toumazou has an eye for detail and an intercultural approach in her work, which makes her stand out in the marketing field. She has a diverse background in studies, with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Arts, Literature, and Society, which combined with her diplomas in PR and Marketing have provided her with a unique approach to the field of marketing. Her skills and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, branding, copywriting, researching, and developing strategies.

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Savina Toumazou

Marketing Specialist

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