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Investment Strategies

Building on the considerable business and financial acumen of the group and our partners we manage our own AIF, the BAO Fund AIF V.C.I.C. Ltd, which houses a number of investment strategies ranging from niche markets to investment algorithms, each one specifically developed to cover risk-return profiles of various investor categories.

Fund as a Service (FaaS)

FaaS is the solution for fund and wealth managers that provide delegate certain day-to-day management functions, maintain executive oversight and retain full responsibility for fund governance and compliance, and establish substance by retaining the risk management function. Experience of our engineers in fund structuring.

Hybrid Private Debt

The investment objective of Hybrid Private Debt is to invest globally in private companies opportunistically. Such investments will be made through hybrid debt/equity investments that share characteristics of both equity participation in the target company and fixed returns. Examples of such instruments include preference shares and convertible bonds. The Compartment has no particular sectoral or geographical focus.  

Registered Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF)

The RAIF is a hybrid legal structure which blends together elements of authorised and regulated funds without extensive bureaucracy or, more importantly, the need for authorisation from CySEC. The fund can be established as a single fund or an umbrella type fund, with multiple investment components. It combines elements and features of AIFs, albeit with a more entrepreneur-friendly approach and without unnecessary delays that might occur during the authorisation process.

Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS)


UCITS offer investors access to a diverse range of investment opportunities across various asset classes, all within a regulated framework. Invest with confidence, knowing your funds are managed by experienced professionals and benefit from the transparency and investor protection that UCITS provide.

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